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A Non-Spoiler Recommendation That You See the New Puss in Boots Movie.

By: Tanner Lux In September of 1941, Citizen Kane was first released in theaters and audiences were given a chance to watch film history introduce itself to the world. Notably, people today are more envious of that opportunity than movie-goers were in 1941. Citizen Kane was, from a financial standpoint, a flop. One contributor to… Continue reading A Non-Spoiler Recommendation That You See the New Puss in Boots Movie.


Worst Breakup Stories

By Jamison B. Breakups-- a time when people are at their lowest, and as a result, do unpredictable things that allow their true colors to shine through. Whether a relationship ends in petty tears and throwing fits or holding a boombox outside someone’s window in hopes it will heal the relationship, they all come with… Continue reading Worst Breakup Stories

World News and Events

Thunberg and Lightning

A Timeline and Exploration of Greta Thunberg’s Beginnings and Her Contributions to Climate Activism  By Sienna Gallus It was 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden, when one of the most influential voices of change in contemporary times was born. Greta Thunberg came to deeply understand the devastating impacts of climate change just 8 years later, in 2011… Continue reading Thunberg and Lightning

World News and Events

The Lunar New Year

Yellows, greens, blues, and reds adorn the proud stone columns, and temple-like roofs arrange themselves in a podium-like fashion atop a blue plaque, with the words “庙会” (temple fair) engraved in gold. Ruby lanterns stream from the plaque, dangling from clear wires across the square, with some choosing to hang from trees instead. Under the… Continue reading The Lunar New Year

Creative Writing

Dear Cupid 

By: Lillie Gensel Dear cupid, Are you an alcoholic? Were your vision and judgment impaired? Or were you just doing it for the shits and giggles? Did I do something to piss you off? Because if I didI’m sorry. WaitYou know what I’m not sorry. Because whatever I didIt could not have possibly warranted this You must have been drunkThe first arrow hit… Continue reading Dear Cupid 

Creative Writing

Wacky Winter Mishaps — A Saga

By: Anora Otto The Winter Season can feel cold and gloomy here in Pennsylvania. So, I gathered some funny winter stories from friends and family alike to share. Here are some wacky winter mishaps that will hopefully light up a smile to warm your chilly day. 1. The howling snow swept through the frigid dark… Continue reading Wacky Winter Mishaps — A Saga

School Events

The Bad Poetry Crown Passed On

By: Zoe Lachter The best bad poet of the school, David Fadem, has been officially dethroned. The newly reigning champion of the 2023 Bad Poetry Contest is none other than senior Literary Artist Finn Beatty. His poem, or rather, song, was an absolute smash hit and received a well-deserved standing ovation. Captured here, is the… Continue reading The Bad Poetry Crown Passed On