“Major News” Premieres!

An exciting addition to Charter Arts for the 2016-17 school year is the creation of Major News! This show is being produced on our school’s new station, Charts TV, and the first episode aired today. The upperclassmen elective classes of Broadcast Production and Journalism have teamed up to create Major News and its many segments. Broadcast Production is a continuation of last year’s new course, Audio and Video Production, both led by Mr. Damian Righi. The seniors who take this class are in charge of directing, shooting, and editing Major News. They work closely with the juniors and seniors taking the newly added Journalism course, taught by Mr. Thomas Mullins. These students plan, write, and appear in segments for the show. Both classes are split into two days, a class on day 1/3 and a class on day 2/4. Each set of classes produce their own show of three packages to be featured on the show, as well as spotlights from the news anchors to provide information and updates. The alternating classes work on bi-weekly air dates so that a new show is aired every Wednesday! 

The format of Major News mirrors a real-life news show that gives students the opportunity to learn what it takes to produce their own show. The students of Broadcast Production and Journalism are able to do so while in a learning environment, allowing them to have a fun and efficient way to communicate events and other important announcements. Sachi Rodriguez, a senior vocal major taking Broadcast Production, had this to say about what it is like producing Major News

“It’s very hectic. They’re are so many moving parts that need to find a way to fit together by air time. The broadcast class has to team up with the journalism class to create at least three solid packages, having to write, shoot, and edit them inside of two class periods. Then all of that information, and then some, has to be condensed and handed off to the anchors. It took all summer to come up with the opener, having to compose, arrange, and record, then put it over b-roll that we gathered from the past year of charts performances. Although everything doesn’t flow so smoothly in the background, our finished product is something that we can be proud of.”

Today, the first show of Major News aired in school! The day 1/3 class kicked us off with anchors Mackenzie Maula and Sage Lumsden, giving us the scoop on what each major is up to! The news anchors also outlined events such as plans for a new mural the senior art majors are working on, the preparation underway for dance soup, and important dates for events such as vocalist cafe. Segments like “In Common” were introduced where journalism students, Chris Singer and Kylie Miller, debated a hot topic with fellow Charter Arts peers. Also highlighted this week was “Inspire,” a segment where Jordyn Albanese enlightened us with the story of those making a difference in our community. Finally, Gavin Benninger interviewed several freshman students in an effort to introduce them to the school and make them feel welcomed. 

As the weeks continue, you can expect more stories as the classes develop and students further explore the possibilities of this show. You can check out Major News every Wednesday on the television screens outside of the theatre during lunch, as well as clubs. In the future, a link will be published online for you to watch at your own convenience. We hope you caught a glimpse of today’s show; don’t forget to tune in next week to see what the other class has in store!

Article by Sage Lumsden. 

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