NJ Train Accident: 1 Dead; 108 Injured

gty_hoboken4_ml_160929_12x5_1600Thursday morning rush hour is a crazy enough time at the train station. But this Thursday morning, things got even crazier when a New Jersey Transit train crashed into a rail station in Hobokon, NJ. The incident, which Gov. Chris Christie called “an extraordinary tragedy,” left at least 1 dead and 108 injured. Authorities are saying that the train entered into the station at a fast speed, then after failing to slow down, the train went over the platform and hit people waiting to board.

A passenger on the train told MSNBC Corespondents “we were going a little faster than it seemed it should have been going…all of a sudden, there was just an impact, all the lights went out…I saw a lot of people with gashed heads, there was blood on the floor, there was blood everywhere.” When the train derailed and jumped onto the platform, it knocked down many pillars, causing parts of the ceiling to cave in and collapse.

Officials are unaware exactly what caused the incident, but investigators are currently tying to figure out if it was due to a lack of automatic breaking. NJ Transit hopes to be using 100% automatic breaking by 2018, but currently uses none. Back in 2011, a crash at the Hobokon station sent 30 to the hospital, and was ultimately blamed on the lack of Automatic breaks.

After the incident on Thursday, all morning trains in and out of the Hobokon station ceased. To compensate, the transit authority said the buses and even some taxis were honoring train passes throughout the morning. Trains were once again coming and going by the afternoon rush.

Article by Christopher Singer. 


USA Today


The Wire



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