My Fave Five: Fall Activities

As we all know, fall is a very exciting time. The weather is changing from the heat of summer to the cool of fall, allowing a variety of entertainment to be squeezed in before the harsh winter hits! From spending time with friends to cozying up all alone, there is something for everyone. Here are five of my favorite fall activities!


cornmazeEver feel the need to pay to get lost in a bunch of corn with your friends? Well, fall is the time to do it! Many farmers grow their corn to then cut it down and create pathways. Some farmers shape these pathways so that they make a cohesive picture from a bird’s eye view. Venturing into a corn maze can offer a lot of fun, goofy memories that will last for a lifetime.



Snuggling up by a fire is one of the best ways to catch up and hang out with friends. As it becomes cooler outside, sitting by a fire wrapped in a blanket is a cozy way to keep warm. Also, who doesn’t love s’mores?! Campfires don’t have to be at home, either. Some of my best campfire memories came while camping in the woods! Camping takes campfires to a whole new level. Leave all your phones and electronics inside, and stay off social media to get the full experience! You don’t need your phones when you’re with all of your friends anyway!


applespumpkinsFall is the prime season for pumpkins and apples. Why go to the store and buy them when you can hand pick the ones you want! A lot of farms offer apple and pumpkin picking in addition to corn mazes; you can knock all three things off your fall bucket list in one place! You may think, “Well, what will I do with all the apples and pumpkins after I pick them?” The answer is: anything you want! Maybe you want to go the traditional route and carve your pumpkin. Or, you can find a recipe and make not only pumpkin pie but a variety of pumpkin flavored items. Throw out the flavoring and substitute it for the real thing! There are many options for apples, too. You can bake apple pies, make caramel apples, or anything in between. Who knows, maybe you’ll even use them to bob for apples!



The beautiful weather and the vibrant colors that come to life through the trees can best be viewed while hiking! Fall provides the perfect temperature to take a leisurely hike. Not to mention, fall brings about plenty of sights to admire as well. Finding a trail near you is super easy to accomplish. If you can’t find one, just take a walk or go to a park. It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re outside!


halloween-haunt-dp-uxepOne of the most unique things about fall is the Halloween themed activities! Not only do you get to dress up and eat candy, but for those of you who enjoy being frightened, this is the prime time for haunted houses and other attractions. Most popular to the Lehigh Valley is Dorney Park’s Halloween Haunt! Not only are there 7 different themed haunted houses, but there are actors roaming the park out to scare you! The park is divided up into different sections, each with a unique and scary theme, to make your worst nightmares come to life. During the day, they also have The Great Pumpkin Fest for some light-hearted fall themed fun. Saylorsburg offers Hotel of Horror, the ultimate haunted house where each floor is a different attraction. They consist of “Hotel of Horror,” “Altered Nightmares,” and “Exhibition Macabre.” Hotel of Horror is housed in an abandoned hotel in the Poconos. Not only does it consist of live actors and items from the original hotel, but, if you’re lucky, real paranormal activity. A final haunted suggestion is Jason’s Woods in Lancaster, PA, if you’re up for the ride… literally! Jason’s Woods is an interactive haunted Hayride, also consisting of different themes to choose from for your ride. These attractions don’t even scratch the surface of haunted attractions around us, so if you like haunted things be sure to see what is near you!

All of these activities, and many more, offer a lot of fun to experience before winter comes around! So, remember to go outside and find something fun to do with your friends while you can! Tweet us your pictures of fun fall activities you’ve participated it @performerblog. Be sure to check back often for more “My Fave Fives” and other amusing articles! See you then!

Article by Sage Lumsden.

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