World News Wednesday: Is the Great Barrier Reef Really Dead?


The short answer is: no. The Great Barrier Reef is not dead, but it is dying. After Outside Magazine posted the “obituary” of the Great Barrier Reef, stating that it has finally died due to a “long illness”, it was spread all over social media. People were devastated at the news and many expressed regret about not having done anything to improve the environment before it was too late.


Image from the Outside Magazine Article 

The Great Barrier Reef’s “death” was  actually an exaggeration created to bring attention to the real deteriorating health condition of the reef. However, it caused a lot of confusion because as the news was spread, people took the statement seriously. Many outlets on social media now state that scientists have “officially” declared the reef dead.



While Outside Magazine’s obituary caused a lot of confusion, it was successful in bringing awareness to an environmental issue that can sometimes be forgotten about due to other issues in the world. Unfortunately, it might be sending the wrong message. The people who are taking the article at face value and believe the Great Barrier Reef is actually dead are more likely to give up on its health. It’s important to know that it is not too late and  we are still able to help protect and preserve the reef, and the environment in general.

great-barrier-reef-diver-615The sad truth is that the Great Barrier Reef’s health is seriously deteriorating and that it is a very real possibility that it actually be declared dead in the near future. A lot of the coral is damaged by “bleaching”, which is when the coral is exposed to drastic changes in light, heat, or the condition of the water. This has been the reef’s current state for years now, however, many charities and organizations are working to preserve its health. There is still hope!

Article by Madison Marzano


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