Spirt Week: Monday and Tuesday

It’s a special time at Charter Arts… Spirit Week!

Pajama Day

On Monday we kicked it off in our pajamas. What a great way to start the week? By rolling right out of bed! Many students strolled down the halls with their favorite pajamas, blankets, and slippers.

Aubrie Hayes with visiting alumni, Ash Miller

Christopher Singer sporting a superman onesie

Eloise Salen and Sage Lumsden

Twin Day

On Tuesday, we were all seeing double! Twin day was a definite hit. Throughout the school, many students dressed alike. Twins varied from matching hairstyles to wearing the same shirts. Teachers participated too!

The English Department teachers

Marry Mathias, senior theatre major, with theatre teacher, Mrs. Weller

Sarah Badony and Lizzy Streirer

Zoe O’Grady and Hannah Krivulka

(Left to right) Jack Moore, Mr. Walsh, and Jaycee Venini

There are still three more days left of Spirit Week! Tomorrow is Dad Day, Thursday is Pink Out Day, and Friday is the big Halloween Costume Day. Check back on The Performer Thursday and Saturday for more Spirit Week coverage. Thanks to everyone who sent us their pictures to be featured in this article! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @performerblog. There’s still time to be featured this week; take pictures and tweet them to us during the rest of Spirit Week!

Article by Mackenzie Maula.

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