Ola Gjielo Master Class

In October, a Norwegian composer, Ola Gjielo, visited Charter Arts. Ola was born and raised in Norway, and moved to the United States halfway through college, where he studied musical composition at Julliard. Today, he writes pieces that vary in genre and length. The Charter Arts vocal department is working to perform one of his longest pieces, Dark Night of the Soul. With about 50 pages worth of music, vocal majors are being conducted by Mr. Macbeth. 

Vocal students had the special honor of being directed and given notes from the composer himself. Students were able to ask Ola a variety of questions. Some asked about the inspiration behind his songs, others asked about how he went about writing them, and there were specific questions about his very interesting and inspiring life story.

A few of the students who attended this master class are currently looking into becoming choral or classical composers. For these upperclassmen, Ola’s visit proved to be extraordinarily helpful for them. Ola even spoke about how there is frequently a clash between an artistic dream and making enough money to live on. He gave many great notes that are sure to be implemented in this winter’s choral concert at Charter Arts!

Article by Aaron Finkle. 

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