Time Warp: November 12

Time Warp is a new article on The Performer, as a highlight on “This Day in History” outlining events that happened on a particular day. Today is November 12th, let’s see 

Number 1: The World’s Fair in Paris (1900)


The World’s Fair ended in Paris on this day 116 years ago. The number of guests amounted to a total of 50 million. It showcased new inventions such as films with sound, matryoshka dolls, and the telegraphone. Not only did this event bring new innovations to the table, it brought new architecture too! The Art Nouveau Style began to make its way into the norm.

Number 2: The First Picture of the “Loch Ness” Monster was Taken (1933)


In 1933, Hugh Gray snapped a photo of the supposed lake monster on this day in history. This was the very first picture of this urban legend ever taken. To this day, there is no definitive proof of the monster’s existence. However, it is enjoyable to look at the start of something so legendary.

Number 3: The Jewish People of Lodz, Poland Ordered to Wear Star of David (1939)


Poland used to be home to the largest Jewish population. SS Officer Reinhard Heydrich had ordered two things to be done. His first order was that all of the Jewish Community be adorned with the Star of David. His second command was for the removal of the Jewish people from Lodz. This order was made in order to begin the resettlement of the German people.

Number 4: Ellis Island Closes (1954)


Ellis Island was the biggest immigration port in its time. Located in New York, thousands of people flocked there in order to become US citizens. Ellis Island was open for a total of 62 years. The port closed its doors due to detaining more people than were being let in. Reasons such as Communism and the world wars made the immigration process much harder than it started out as.

Written by:

Kayla Bills


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