Palmer Park at Charter Arts 

Gabe Moses (senior) and Dylan Gombos (sophomore) starring in lead roles of Fletcher Hazelton and Martin Townsend.

Tomorrow marks the opening of the second show of the Charter Arts 2016-2017 theatre season, Palmer Park by Joanna McClellan Glass. The show was directed by head of the theatre department, Diane Wagner, and will be the first play in the underground space for this season. The show runs Wednesday, November 9th through Sunday, November 13th.

The cast of Palmer Park, (from left to right) Ahkira Hamilton, Jasire Ramos, Gabe Moses, Max Vermillion, Jada Reid, Dylan Gombos, Carter Reichard, Megan Van-Spanje, Kylie Miller, and Cory Jenkins.

Palmer Park is set in Detroit during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, following violent and historical race riots. It follow the story of five couples living in an integrated neighborhood, Palmer Park. The play focuses widely on racial tension during this time and specifically, the integration, or lack thereof,  within school systems.

Jada Reid (senior) and Gabe Moses (senior) as Linda and Fletcher Hazelton

Dylan Gombos (sophomore) and Kylie Miller (senior) as Martin and Kate Townsend

Although set in the last millennium, Palmer Park address issues and concerns that are still rampant in today’s society. The topic of race relations has become a very prominent one as of late, and this production is cognizant of this fact. Palmer Park is sure to spark conversation as it crosses the threshold of the past and present, pushing its audience to reflect on who we were and what we’ve truly become as a society.

Senior theatre majors taking Journalism or Broadcast Production class, worked together on a piece about Palmer Park for the school news show, Major News. The video includes interviews with director, Mrs. Wagner, and leading actor, Gabe Moses. Check out the video below!

Be sure to come out and support the cast and crew of Palmer Park! Tickets are limited so order them ahead of time at Tickets are $8 for Charter Arts students/alumni, $10 for students/seniors, and $12 for adults.

Article written by Kylie Miller and Mia Zappacosta.

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