World News Wednesday: ISIS at Home and Abroad

Since the election, many other news stories have been left in the shadows. It’s easy to forget about everything else during this chaotic time, but it’s important to stay attentive to news around the world. Here are a couple of stories that center around the violence in Iraq, as well as one story somewhat closer to home. 

There has been some recent information released regarding the ISIS terrorist group. The group has abducted almost three hundred people from the city Tal Afar in Iraq. Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson from the UN refugee agency, stated that “The fate of all 295 civilians is unknown.” She also said that the citizens were most likely targeted due to the fact that they were former Iraqi security personnel that have come to live under ISIS as noncombatants. 


“Iraq’s federal police reach hills overlooking Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul, on Friday.” via CNN

These reports were made public shortly after a mass grave containing about a hundred bodies was found just outside Hammam al-Alil, Iraq. It has been said that these mass graves aren’t uncommon; they’ve become somewhat of a trademark of the Terrorist group. Statements were released saying that special teams were being assembled to inspect the gravesite and killings.



Aaron Travis Daniels’ Mugshot via CNN

On the topic of ISIS, an Ohio man was arrested on suspicion of attempting to join the group. Aaron Travis Daniels was reported trying to provide them with materials. He has already sent around three hundred dollars to an ISIS operative. Daniels was caught attempting to fly to Libya from Columbus, OH in order to attempt to join the terrorist group. He could end up being convicted for up to twenty years.


Check the sources below, and more, to find out more on the multitude of other attacks in the Middle East that have occurred within the past week or so. In this time of division within our own country, be sure to stay cognizant of the issues affecting those beyond ourselves. As the last story shows, this violence does affect us as well.

Article by Devon Kimble.


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