Poll of the Week: What should Mrs. Fowler name her second son?

Mrs. Fowler and her husband were having a difficult time deciding on a baby name for her second son! She shared her top four names and turned to The Performer readers for some advice. This week’s poll of the week question was:

What should Mrs. Fowler name her second son?

46 votes were cast with the options Mrs. Fowler gave us, which were: Maxwell, Gabriel, Milo, and Holden. The results are in:

Milo received the most votes taking 37%. With 29% of the votes, Holden was chosen second by voters. Coming in third and fourth place, we have a tie! The names of Gabriel and Maxwell both received 17% of votes. While all of these names would be great, it seems like Milo is the winner! Now, are you wondering if Mrs. Fowler will go with the winner of our poll? Well, surprising to us all, Mrs. Fowler included, her baby is here! Mrs. Fowler delivered her healthy baby boy on Wednesday. Her due date wasn’t until December 20th, so this little guy came a month early! Mrs. Fowler’s husband and her son, Lucas, were very excited to welcome their newest family member into the world. Now, for the answer you are all waiting for… Mrs. Fowler’s second son was named Maxwell Holden Fowler! Although our voters’ top choice did not end up convincing Mrs. Fowler, she and her husband put a lot of thought into their final choice for naming their baby boy. We wish Mrs. Fowler the best as her family continues to grow!

Thanks to everyone who voted! Follow us on Twitter (@performerblog) where a new Poll of the Week question is posted every Monday. Then, be sure to check back right here on The Performer Blog website for the final results.

Article by Mackenzie Maula and Kylie Miller.

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