Too Early for Christmas Music?

When is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”?

Christmas is known as a time of joy and spreading holiday cheer! Many believe that a big part of spreading this cheer is through Christmas music. However, there is a certain debate over when Christmas music is appropriate to play. A local radio station, 100.7 WLEV, has already begun playing their continuous Christmas music. Some people enjoy Christmas music early, while others believe it’s better to wait until after Thanksgiving. We turned this debate over to Charter Arts students to hear about their thoughts on the subject.

In the interviews I conducted, we focused on the commercialization of Christmas and, more specifically, how it doesn’t give Thanksgiving or other winter holidays (like Kwanzaa or Hanukkah) their time to shine. Not one person I talked to ever heard a Kwanzaa song before, but everyone could name well over 20 famous Christmas songs. Sophomore Bailey Williams shared that she feels as though all holidays deserve their rightful time to shine, and that Christmas songs are so overplayed that they can go as far as to ruin her Christmas spirit. Freshman Abby Dunn, on the other hand, believes that Christmas songs are classics and give a feeling of warmth and happiness to their listeners. Aliyah Smith, a sophomore who likes Christmas, had a very interesting point. She said that perhaps if we got newer Christmas songs, this could solve our dilemma.

From talking to Charter Arts students, the consensus is that Christmas music and films should not start being played until the day after Thanksgiving. Upon hearing this, senior Gavin Benninger shared that maybe the solution isn’t even about Christmas music, but about the lack of Thanksgiving music in America. Besides a few songs for toddlers and one Adam Sandler song, there is no thanksgiving music. So, to all musical artists out there, for 2017, if you’d like to aid in this change, please write some thanksgiving songs!

Article by Aaron Finkle.

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