Poll of the Week: What do you hope NOT to be asked about at Thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving was yesterday and you know what that means; the inevitable fear of dinner conversations with your extended family. We at The Performer were having a tough time deciding which was the WORST topic to come up at the Thanksgiving dinner table, so we turned to our followers on Twitter to settle the debate. This week’s poll of the week question was:

What do you hope NOT to be asked about at Thanksgiving dinner?

67 people voted. The four options were: Future Plans, Relationship Status, Political Views, and Food Quality.

 us on Twitter @performerblog.

Political Views won, taking 49% of the votes. This is not surprising considering the great turmoil caused by the 2016 Presidential Election. Perhaps many wish not to discuss politics because it has become very clear through social media that family members’ have strongly different views. Future Plans came in second with 27% of the votes. Being in high school, you can never escape the questions pertaining to your future career path or choice of college. Thanksgiving is a prime time to be bombarded with questions like these that you may not have the answers to! Then, in third, is Relationship Status with 19%. Whether you’re 16 or 26, it’s always an uncomfortable topic of conversation when a family member asks if you’re seeing someone. No one likes to talk about their significant other with extended family; it’s ALWAYS awkward. And if you do not have a significant other, well, that’s just another conversation no one wants to have. Finally, with only 5% of the votes, is Food Quality. Food Quality is not that daunting in comparison to the other options. Besides, you can always just lie to Grandma about liking her green bean casserole. She won’t find out! To be quite honest, we weren’t completely surprised by these results. However, Christmas is exactly a month away! We can assume that these topics will still be dreaded then just as much as they are now.

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Article by Mia Zappacosta.

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