The Latest Installment of GaGa

Last month, Lady GaGa released her fifth studio album, titled Joanne. After nearly three years without any new solo work, this song collection brings the popstar back to her humble beginnings. Stripping away all of the glitz and glamour, GaGa plays with country and acoustic tunes in the majority of the new album’s tracks. Accompanied by a soft voice, she sings about personal events, such as the death of her Aunt whom the album is named after, as well as her realization of her true self-worth. GaGa’s fans, otherwise known as “Little Monsters,” get to see a less theatrical version of their idol. This album shows who GaGa really is, behind the stardom.

While she tackles a new sound, her old and well-known style still shows through in a few singles of the album. The first song released, “Perfect Illusion,” sounds as if it could be found on her first album. She stays true to herself and her artistic techniques, but expands the realm that her audience knows as her sound. To make the album even more authentic, GaGa has been premiering her singles in small, unknown venues. In fact, she first announced the album release at a dive-bar in her hometown of Manhattan, New York. She even strays away from her typically raunchy and glittery fashion while performing her latest hits, as she can be seen wearing traditional country clothes, like a pink cowboy hat paired with black Western boots.

Lady GaGa is fusing aspects of her iconic style with the things that she started out with, as this album shows the sides of both her fame and her personal interests. This work by GaGa is different from anything she’s ever done, and goes against what most other popular singers are doing, because it keeps not only fans happy, but the artist satisfied as well. In Joanne, a perfect balance between the needs of the audience and the songwriter is found, which shows through the whole album. It’s full of caring, intimate, and touching tracks that seem to be polar opposite of what the Lady GaGa image is. However, it is just revealing two different sides of GaGa that the general public has not been able to see before this album. Joanne encompasses every side of Lady GaGa and brings her experiences as a star and as a normal person into each and every lyric. This album may seem like the final installment of the celebrity, as she incorporated nearly everything into it, but GaGa has stated that this album is only the beginning of a new era.

Article by Natalie Levitt.

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