World News Wednesday: LAMIA Flight 2933

A charter airplane with 77 people on board, including players from the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense, <a href="" target="_blank">crashed near Rionegro, Colombia,</a> outside Medellin, on Monday, November 28. At least 71 people were killed, officials said. Six survived.

On Monday, November 28th, LAMIA Flight 2933 crashed into the side of a mountain in Columbia, nearby it’s destination in Medellin. The flight was chartered by Brazil’s Chapecoense soccer team, who were travelling to the first game of The South American Cup (Copa Sudamericana) finals. There were 77 people aboard the plane, 71 of which were killed in the crash. Among the deceased were soccer players, coaches, invited guests of the team, journalists, and crew members of the plane. It had been unclear as to what caused the crash until today, when breaking news confirmed that the the plane ran out of fuel.

Survivors of the crash include 3 of the team’s soccer players; Jackson Ragnar Follmann, Alan Ruschel, and Helio Hermito Zampier Neto. Follmann is currently in the ICU after having his right leg amputated. Ruschel is also in the ICU and Neto has undergone several surgeries. The president and vice president of the team’s board were not on the plane, though the vice president was supposed to be, along with the town’s mayor. There were several others who were supposed to be on the flight, who have now come forward to offer their condolences and share their stories.

The Brazilian soccer team is being mourned and commemorated after this tragedy. Chapecoense had worked very hard to make it to the Copa Sudamericana, which is the second largest intercontinental club competition in South America. It was set to be the biggest game in the team’s history and would have taken place today, against the Colombian team, Atletico Nacional. A mayor of Columbia announced a candlelit memorial service being held tonight at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, where the game would have taken place. Brazil and Columbia are both feeling the impact of this tragedy, along with the rest of the globe who has heard the Chapecoense team’s story.


Article written by Kylie Miller.



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