Poll of the Week: Have you been able to watch Major News?

New to Charter Arts this year is Major News, a show created by students of the AV Production and Journalism courses. For more information about Major News, you can read an article written by Sage Lumsden when the show first aired. For this week’s poll of the week, we asked:

Have you been able to watch Major News?

34 people voted. The three options were: Yes, No, and What is Major News?


With 41%, the majority of the people who voted said No. Major News is a part of ChartsTV, a channel on the Charter Arts tv server that plays on a constant loop. New episodes air every Wednesday, airing two shows a week. On Wednesdays, one could find the show on the tvs outside of the theater. However, most teachers either do not know how to access the show or that it even exists. This is due to the lack of awareness of the show, hence the option What is Major News gaining 35%. Major News in accessible to ANY tv in the school, being able to watch it on channel 3-2. The next time you want to watch Major News, perhaps ask your teacher to tune into channel 3-2 on the TV, especially during clubs. It is a guarantee that it will be playing, as it is on a loop. 24% answered Yes which is great, but hopefully, more people can be able to see it moving forward!

If, by chance, you miss any episode, you are able to watch the most popular segment of the show on youtube, Mia in the Commons! Each week, a new exhilarating topic is covered by the captivating Mia Zappacosta (senior theatre major) as she gets opinions from those in the commons during lunch. You can also follow the Major News twitter page @ChartsTV. All of the segments are written by Journalism students and filmed by Production students. The shows star Mackenzie Maula, Sage Lumsden, Sachi Rodriguez, and Kailtyn Palfi as anchors. In the near future, Major News hopes to make its way online so it is accessible to all. Stay tuned! 

Thanks to everyone who voted in this week’s Poll of the Week. Make sure to follow @performerblog on Twitter to participate in our weekly polls and get updates on our articles! 

Article by Sachi Rodriguez. 

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