My Fave Five: DIY Gift Ideas

Being that the holiday season is upon us, gifts are on everyone’s mind. An easy and unique way to gather ideas for friends and family are simple DIY gifts! Today’s article will feature my five favorite gift ideas, along with links that can help you achieve the best gifts, that are both cheap and simple.

1: Mugs

With the frigid weather, no one can resist a good mug! Mugs are easy to personalize with sharpie or paint of any kind. Mugs are also easy to fill! From coffee to candy, socks, or even gift cards, mugs can be filled for a fun and simple gift.

2: Mason Jar Gifts

Mason jars can be used for so many things, not to mention, they’re super cheap! You can buy any size mason jar and fill it with little gifts. This especially works with cosmetics and toiletries. Just throw them together for a cute mason jar gift! Another great idea is filling a mason jar with a DIY recipes for bath salts, hot chocolate, face scrubs, and more! Decorating the mason jar is half the fun. Make your gift even more special by dressing up the mason jar with bows, tags, or even making it into a snowman!

3: Fashion Emergency Kit

Looking for fun, creative, and useful gift? A fashion emergency kit! Find a cute cosmetic bag and fill it with goodies everyone wishes they had in a pinch. This kit can lean towards fashion by including safety pins, fashion tape, thread, etc., but it doesn’t have to! You can also fill a kit with essentials such as tissues, mints, chapstick, etc. Have fun coming up with specific things to put in a kit to make it perfectly unique for anyone on your list!

4: Themed Baskets

At holiday parties the game “White Elephant” is very popular. This is a game in which everyone brings a wrapped gift and take turn opening and trading around. For this game, themed basket can make your gift the most desirable at the party. When making a basket gift, themes work best! Some themes could be: Coffee (Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks), Cosmetics, Movie Night, Snow Day, and Spa Day.

5: Finger Knitting

Finger knitting is a new trend, where people knit with their fingers instead of knitting needles (pretty self explanatory). This trend is bringing back the sometime considered “out of date” trend; Knitting. There are plenty of gifts that can be made by knitting, which is perfect for the chilly holiday season. All you have to do is watch a finger knitting tutorial and find a pattern for the warm gift you’d like to make!


Hopefully this article will help you get through the holiday season, all while ensuring you have the most unique gifts! Thanks for visiting The Performer! Check back tomorrow for results of the Poll of the Week.

Article by Sage Lumsden.

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