Poll of the Week: Who is Easiest to Shop For?


Christmas is coming up in 8 days, which means that many people are either finalizing gifts for every one on their list, or rushing to the mall to gather their gifts at the last minute. Either way, shopping for other people can be very fun or very stressful, and sometimes this depends on who you are shopping for. For this week’s Poll of the Week, the question was:

Who is easiest to shop for on your holiday shopping list?

20 people voted on this poll and the four options were, siblings, parents, friends, or significant other. Here are the results:


Friends was the winning option by a vast majority of 70%. It’s understandable that friends are usually the easiest to shop for because they are people that you have a lot in common with and know very well. Shopping for friends is almost as easy as shopping for yourself! Siblings likely came in second for a similar reason. You are certain to know what they would like for Christmas as they might have made a list for the family or have been constantly announcing gifts they would want around the house. Friends and siblings are also people who you can get away with giving joke gifts to as well. Significant others may be a little harder to shop for, but since they are another person you are close with, it’s understandable why 10% of our voters chose them. Parents came up last at 0%, which does make sense as well. Friends, siblings, and significant others are closer in age to the gift giver, and sometimes the age gap might make it harder for people to shop for their parents.

Thanks to everyone who voted in this week’s Poll of the Week. Make sure to follow @performerblog on Twitter to participate in our weekly polls and get updates on our articles! Happy holidays from The Performer!

Article by Madison Marzano. 

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