Charter Arts Holiday Shows 

This holiday season has been filled with performances here at Charter Arts. Take a look at some of the amazing talent that has been displayed this month:

Winter Student Art Exhibit

The Winter Student Art Exhibit opened on December 2nd, and will remain so until January 6th. It features various types of artwork, inclfrom visual art majors of all grades. To kick off the opening of the exhibit, Charter Arts took part in Bethlehem’s “First Friday” and opened up the gallery to the public. On the same night, the first poetry reading of the year took place in the Commons Cafe, organized by Writing Club.


This year’s “Festivus” was a lovely production showcasing several instrumental and vocal ensembles. The show took place on December 8th and consisted of the various holiday themed songs including, “Merry Christmas Darling”. The soloists also has the task of incorporating part from as many different christmas songs as possible, leading to some really unique and impressive solos. In addition, some of the ensembles put new twists on classics such as changing the key creating a new and interesting takes on the adored songs of Christmases past.

Winter Vocal Concert 

The Winter Vocal Concert had two performances this year, on December 12th and 13th. The concert featured performances from vocal majors of all grades, as well as the touring choir and treble choir. A special treat this year was the final performance, featuring almost every singer from the concert, to take on Ola Gjileo’s Dark Night of the Soul. This song included instrumental majors as well, playing strings for the complex piece of about 50 pages of music. Earlier this year, Ola Gjileo, a norwegian composer, held a master class at Charter Arts. Read more about it in a previous article on The Performer

Holiday Ice Show

The 2016 Holiday Ice Show was a blast for anyone who had the honor to see it! The show was called “Home for the Holidays” and followed Charles Brown, a grown up Charlie Brown, who returns to his hometown to celebrate Christmas with all of his old friends. Through this musical adventure, the audience was transformed and enlightened by the figure skating majors’ work of storytelling on the ice.

Article written by Kylie Miller, Tom Quackenbush, and Aaron Finkle.

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