Poll of the Week: What is your ideal Valentine’s Day gift?

Valentine’s Day is only four days away! While there are many different ways to celebrate the holiday of love, a popular tradition is giving gifts to loved ones. There are several typical Valentine’s Day gifts, so for this week’s Poll of the Week on The Performer, we asked:

What is your ideal Valentine’s Day gift?

We received 29 votes on the options of Chocolate, Flowers, Candy, and Stuffed Animal. Here are the results:

The winning option was Chocolate with 38% of the votes! Not much of a surprise there, who doesn’t love chocolate? Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to eat all the chocolate you can, which is what makes it the perfect gift! In second place, Stuffed Animal got 27% in the poll. Around this time of year, stores put out tons of adorable stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day. They make for a cute and cuddly gift, especially the giant teddy bears! Next, Flowers placed with 21% of votes. When people think of Valentine’s Day, a typical go-to gift is flowers, specifically, roses. Perhaps flowers aren’t as popular as people assume. They do die after all, whereas a stuffed animal is something you can keep forever. And you can’t eat flowers like chocolate or candy! Although, Candy came in last place with 14% of the poll’s votes. Sweetheart candies are a big hit for this holiday, but chocolate seems to be the better option in the end.

Thanks to all who voted in this week’s Poll of the Week! We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check back The Performer for new posts, and follow us on Twitter (@performerblog) to vote in next week’s poll!

Written by Kylie Miller.

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