Poll of the Week: What is your Favorite Current Meme?

  • It may be only be February, but the internet has wasted no time creating new memes this year. Memes are an incredible way that masses of people can bond over a similar sense of humor from all over the world. The most recent memes originate from media such as television and YouTube videos, in which people say or do something that people find funny and/or relatable. Another way memes can arise is from a clever photo or video editing. Since so many of these memes have appeared recently, for this week’s Poll of the Week on The Performer, we asked:

What is your favorite current meme?

We received 32 votes on the options of “Cash Me Outside,” Valentine’s Day Cards, “Rain Drop, Drop Top,” and Common Sense Man. Here are the results:


Coming in at 41%, the winner was “Cash Me Outside”. A relatively new meme, Danielle Bregoli has taken the internet by storm with the use of her unique phrasing and word choice on an episode of Dr. Phil. When in doubt-


In second place, with 28% of the votes, is the Valentines Day Cards. Although this concept is not new, no one can resist a clever Valentine’s Day Card meme. However, since Valentines does come only once a year, it makes sense as to why this meme did not take the cake.


Third place was quite close to second, with about 25% of the votes. Common Sense Man took this place. One of the newest memes of this week, Common Sense Man provides a fresh new perspective on everyday issues, such as procrastination.


Finally, with only 6% of the votes, “Rain Drop, Drop Top” comes in fourth place. The meme had a strong following at the beginning of this year, but has since lost momentum. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that only so much can rhyme with the lyrics.


Thanks to all who voted in this week’s Poll of the Week! If you’d like to refute the results of this Poll of the Week, tweet us your favorite memes! Be sure to check back on The Performer for new posts, and follow us on Twitter (@performerblog) to vote in next week’s poll!

Article by Mia Zappacosta.

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