Senior Play Readings


As February begins, there are many happenings around Charter Arts from a variety of different majors. This Friday, February 17th, began the senior play readings, usually they are a  crowd favorite, as they show case the original plays of the senior theatre majors.img_4027

The seniors work all year in their “Playwrighting Structure” class to write three plays; come January, they each pick one of those three plays that will be worked and developed over just a couple weeks. They are broken up into cycles, about six plays read each cycle. If they are not a playwright, they are either a dramaturge, someone who helps develop the play, or an actor. After a few weeks, six of those plays get read in the theatre during periods two and three. Everyone is encouraged to come and even seek out the playwright to give their feedback or pose questions to help them further develop the story. After all the plays have been read, the seniors vote on four to be fully produced in the “New Play Festival” on May 11th in the theater. Both the junior and senior classes work to design, direct, and produce these plays.


During these staged readings, the Playwrighting class is joined by Mr. Eicher’s “Arranging and Composition” class to provide original composition to the play in order to enhance the story and journey of the characters. The composers are paired with a playwright, and over the few weeks of preparation, the playwright communicates what they want, the composer reads and sits in on rehearsal readings of the play, and they work to create music that will work with and highlight the piece. The plays and playwrights that were showcased this week were: Edoardo Cozzi “February 29th”, Mackenzie Maula “Rose”, Bridget Broskey “Detective Indigo Bunting and the missing Vermillion”, Kris Sanchez “Piece by Piece”,  Zena Spratley “Unhinged”, Jada Reid “My Big Break”. There are four dates set that the plays will read in the theatre; the first date was Friday February 17th, the next reading will be Friday March 3rd, the third reading will be Friday March 17th, and the final reading will be Thursday March 30th. Encourage your teachers to bring you, or sign a pass from your study hall to come watch the collaboration of the classes. The seniors hope to see you there! img_4030

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