Touring Choir at the Interkultur World Choir Games


This past weekend, Charter Arts’ top choir, Touring Choir directed by David Bruce Macbeth, made their way to Princeton, NJ to compete in the prestigious World Choir Games. There was a total of 18 choirs competing, from a total of 4 different countries. The competition was a five venture, having at least 2 categories performing each day. Within the competition, there were three different categories of choirs: competitive, festival, and friendship. The competitive choirs are exactly what the name suggests, and these performances were to be judged by a panel and have the scores count for the overall scoring and rating. The festival choirs were run by Interkultur themselves, for the purpose of putting on a performance at the opening and closing ceremonies. The friendship concerts were just showcases, a place for the choirs to share their literature without having the weight of competition on their shoulders. Charter Arts’ Touring Choir was privileged enough to be invited to participate in all three categories of choir.

The panel of judges consisted of world renowned choir conductors from around the globe, including the guest judge Morten Lauridsen. Lauridsen was a recipient of the National Medal of Arts presented by the President of the United States. He also had compositions featured in movies such as Angels and Demons and Paul a Quebec. Touring Choir was competing with one of his choral compositions, “O Magnum Mysterium.” The overall winner of the competition would win the original score of this piece.


At the end of the competition, Touring Choir came home with the title of second place and a level 1 gold rating. Before the competition, Charter Arts’ Touring Choir was ranked as the 73 best choir in the world. With the great scoring and placing at the Sing n Joy Princeton, the choir is moving up in the ranking, however the exact number will not come into effect until two months from now.

Article by Sachi Rodriguez.

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