Photojournalism Series by Kylie Miller

The Performer is featuring student work from Mr. Fickes’ Intro to Photography elective. Their most recent assignment was based off of careers related to photography, in which students created a series tailored to a career of their choosing. Photography students who chose to focus on photojournalism were required to write an article along with their photos. A few of these are going to be featured right here on the school newspaper blog, along with the pictures taken by the students. The first series to be featured was by Gabrielle Rhoads.  Today, take a look at the photojournalism series created by senior theatre major, Kylie Miller:

THE ART OF PROTEST by Kylie Miller


The current political climate of our country is not easy to ignore, regardless of which side you lean towards. Various reactions have been voiced  after recent executive actions by President Trump. An order that gained a lot of attention was the President’s “Muslim Ban” which has now been rejected by congress. Prior to this roadblock, and even since, protests were held throughout the United States to fight against this ban.


Here in the Lehigh Valley, a peaceful protest was held in the Centre Square of Easton, PA on January 30th. The event was advertised as a “Solidarity/Peace Rally” which encompassed a candlelight vigil, along with several speakers to share words against the executive order. Attendees were encouraged to bring signs with positive messages and candles, ensuring this protest to be a peaceful one. The event circulated on Facebook and around 200 people RSVP’d to attend. At the rally, the turnout was even larger than expected and local news stations arrived to cover the evening.FINAL6.jpg

Following an introduction by the organizers of the event, Mayor Panto spoke on behalf of the city of Easton. Other speakers included members of the Lehigh Valley Muslim Association, State Representative Mike Schlossberg, an ACLU lawyer, members of the Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern, and more. The event remained very peaceful, although counter protesters were present. This rally was one of many held in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding regions as of late. The passionate energy of the speakers and protesters in Easton that night can be found in cities all around the United States. It is safe to assume that events like these will continue to take place, to ensure the resistance of President Trump promised by many.


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