Teacher Appreciation Week: Tuesday

Throughout the week, Newspaper Club will be highlighting the work of each of our teachers, including what they devote their time to inside and outside of the classroom. Our second day of teacher appreciation week articles will be featuring the Dance, Math, and Administration departments.

Dance Department


Mrs. Moyer, Mrs. Maniscalco,  Mrs. Berry, and Mrs. Weaver with a group of Senior Dance Majors

The teachers in the Dance Department work hard all year to teach their students to be well rounded dancers in all styles of dance, and work together to produce the three major dance concerts throughout the year. Mrs. Maniscalco has been the head of the dance department since Charter Arts first opened in 2003. Other dance teachers include Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Moyer, and Mrs. O’Reilly. All the dance teachers will be working hard with their students throughout teacher appreciation week because Young Choreographers in Concert is this upcoming weekend. Additionally, Mrs. Weaver was the primary coordinator for the Dance Soup concert which took place this past January, and some of the teachers choreograph pieces for their students to be showcased in Dance Quilt, which will take place in two weeks. The dance teachers have also recently expanded their dance education to non-majors with the new audition-based choreography electives. Students in these classes even get the opportunity to perform in some of the dance shows! The instructors in the dance department also provide great opportunities for their students outside of school, such as small performances at art events in the community.

“The dance teachers are all very supportive in whatever you’re doing. They’re helpful and super nice. They help every and any dancer reach their full potential.” – Katie Aquino, Sophomore Dance Major

Math Department


Mr. Helverson (Left) and Mr. Kieszek (Right)

The math department, consisting of Mr. Babiasz, Mrs. DeFrancisco, Ms. Evans, Mr. Helverson, Mr. Kieszek, and Mr. Zameroski, works together to teach a variety of math subjects to the student body. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus are the main subjects spread out amongst the 6 teachers. Mr. Babiasz has recently starting teaching the two AP calculus classes. Mr. Helverson, who is new to the math department this year, teaches personal finance, a math elective for upperclassmen. Not only are they passionate about the subjects they teach, but most of the department has diverse interests in other areas as well! Mr. Babiasz and Ms. DeFrancisco spend their free time playing sports, with Mr. Babiasz playing baseball and Ms. DeFrancisco coaching volleyball. Mrs. Evans is one of the faculty advisors for student council, and puts a lot of work into their fundraisers and events that help benefit the school and the community.

“My math teachers made me feel at home. I felt comforted and assured that I was learning in not only a professional environment, but a friendly one.” – August Fegley, Junior Theatre Major


ISP Diane LaBelle & Dr. Comstock

Mrs. Labelle (Left) and Dr. Comstock (Right)

The Administration department works hard, often behind the scenes, to make sure that all the other departments in our school are running smoothly! Sharon Fehlinger-Ricker is the principal of Charter Arts and operates as the school’s figurehead, managing the academic and artistic education of the students. The business responsibilities are managed by Mrs. LaBelle, the executive director and CEO. She oversaw the development of our new building and ensures that the funds are being raised to give each of the departments the resources that they need. Dr. Comstock is the Dean of Academic Affairs, Curriculum, and Instruction, which means that she oversees what is being taught in all of the classes. Mrs. Storm is the Director of Institutional Development and Advancement. She also is the faculty adviser for Student Ambassadors and provides members of the club multiple opportunities to represent our school in the community. Mrs. Schurz is our director of Finance and Administration. Finally, Ms. Rosania is the school’s new Dean of Students! Make sure to give her a warm welcome!

“The administration of our school has done a lot to improve the quality of our academic and artistic education year after year. I appreciate their efforts in advancing the environment in which we learn and getting our arts more involved with the community.” – Anonymous

Be sure to check The Performer tomorrow and the rest of the week as we feature the rest of the academic and artistic departments within our school! Once again, a big thank you to the teachers for all their hard work!!!

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