Teacher Appreciation Week: Thursday

Music Department

Mr. Lorenz conducting several instrumental students for the Festivus performance

The Music Department includes all of the teachers who work with the instrumental and vocal major students. The Department Chair of the Instrumental Department is Mr. Macbeth, which The Department Chair of the Vocal Department is Mr. Wells. The rest of the teachers are Mr. Chaban, Mrs. Seifert, Mr. Deihl, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Brown, Mr. Eicher, Mr. Lorenz, Mr. Maher, and Mrs. Bougher. Many of the Music Department faculty teach students of both majors, especially with classes like Music Theory.

What’s great about the music teachers here at Charter Arts is that they’re still active masters in their respective fields, seen highly by other musicians in the Lehigh Valley. This expertise being dawned upon us allows for the greatest tutelage offered.” -Don Austin, Senior Instrumental Music Major

Social Studies Department

Mrs. Nesfeder is the head of the Social Studies Department. She teaches several history classes, as well as the Psychology elective offered to upperclassmen. Teaching along side her are Mr. Shumski, Mr. Shuman, Mr. Boyer, and Mr. Anderson. Many of the teachers are involved outside of the Social Studies Department, such as working with students in clubs. Mrs. Nesfeder Co-Advises the Charter Arts Student Council and Mr. Boyer is the adviser of SADD. In addition to teaching several history classes, including AP US History, Mr. Shuman also teaches within the theatre department! With his extensive experience in acting and design, Mr. Shuman teaches the Stagecraft course for every freshman theatre class. He has also been involved in the theatre department with his recent cameo in the Spring Musical, Hair.

“The history departments never ending dedication to bringing the past to the students of Charter Arts is inspiring. Not to mention they always find a way to connect what we are learning to our art forms and current events. “-Christopher Singer, Senior Theatre Major

Special Education Department

Mrs. Weir Mrs. Manieri are the special education faculty for the school. They provide support and assistance to those students in need.

Miss Weir and Miss Manieri are both wonderful teachers and understand how to work with children. Miss Manieri is great with kids who need help emotionally and mentally if they’re having a bad day. Miss Weir is always very straight forward and knows how to put every situation in a positive light. Both teachers have amazing senses of humor.”- Julian Jaeger, Junior Vocal Music Major

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