Teacher Appreciation Week: Friday

Figure Skating Department


Mr. Mullens and Ms. Nolt (far right) with members of the Ice Theatre Of New York for the Charter Arts Ice Show “Color my World”.

The Chair of the Figure Skating Department is Mr. Mullens. Mr. Mullens has an astounding resume in figure skating and figure skating choreography. He also teaches the Journalism elective at Charter Arts. The other teacher of the figure skating department is Ms. Nolt. She teaches On-ice Performance and Technique, amongst other classes.  Ms. Nolt is also the Director/Choreographer of the figure skating department’s annual spring ice show. Both teachers have worked professionally in the field for years and truly excel at their craft.

 “Though I am not a figure skater, I’ve gotten to know Mr. Mullins very well over the past school year. He’s a great teacher for the Journalism elective and has experience in so many different areas, obviously including Figure Skating and Journalism specifically. Seeing all of the work he does behind the scenes for the figure skating shows reminds me a lot of prepping for a theatre show, which helps me relate to Mr. Mullins even more. He’s always eager to know about our department and very supportive of all students at Charter Arts.”

-Kylie Miller (Senior Theatre Major)

Literary Arts Department

Mr. Walsh and two of his literary arts students on Twin Day during Spirit Week!

The Literary Arts department is headed by its Artistic Director, Mr. Walsh. Prior to the major’s introduction in 2015, Mr. Walsh was a part of the English Department. He taught all levels of English Classes, including both AP English Language and Composition and AP English Literature and Composition. Mr. Walsh is joined by Mrs. Liemberger, who joined the Charter Arts staff with the addition of the new major. Both teachers worked together to give the Literary Arts students a holistic view of the writing art form, expanding their curriculum to include Film Studies and Journalism, alongside their classes in Character Development and Independent Writing.

“I fully think that our major is one crazy family. You have these teachers who support you and want to understand you. I’m grateful that I’m able to be in such a wonderful environment nearly every day.”

– Alaina Karcher (Junior Literary Arts Major)

Language Department

The Chair of the Language Department is Mme. Gournet. She teaches French Levels 3 through 5 and is also the advisor of French club. Other teachers within this department are Sra. Genao, Sra. Bardales, and Hsu lǎo shī. Sra. Genao and Sra. Bardales teach the Spanish classes, and Hsu lǎo shī teaches the new Asian Studies class. Luckily for Charter Arts students, our Language Department works hard to give us the opportunities to expand our horizons in new, exciting ways in all three, very diverse, languages.

“I like how the teachers are native speakers, which is extremely helpful when trying to get acclimated with the language because you can literally just sit down and have conversations just like you were in the country. I’ve only had a class with Sra. Bardales, but what I like about her is that she would go out of her way to help me with Spanish, whether for class trips to heavily influenced Spanish parts of Bethlehem or with the aid of the Mexico trip that happened this past November. As long as the students put forth the effort to learn as much as they can about the language and culture, the teachers will aid the best they can to open the doors for them.”

– Ryland Holland (Senior Instrumental Major)

As this is the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week, The Performer would just like to give a final thank you to all of the faculty and staff at Charter Arts. We appreciate all that you do for us, and we couldn’t ask for a better group of mentors to shape us into being young adults. Again, we thank you all.

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