Vice President leaves Colts game upon national anthem protest

Vice President, Mike Pence, abruptly left a football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday after players knelt during the national anthem.

He released a statement on his reasoning for leaving the game on Twitter, criticizing players for protesting, stating that it is disrespectful to the flag, and the national anthem.

President Trump then tweeted, and stated his involvement with Pence’s decision, where he asked the Vice President to leave the stadium if any players kneeled, claiming that it was an act of disrespect to their country.

The decision Pence and Trump made has sparked controversy throughout the public, some admiring Pence’s protest of his own, others criticizing it. There have also been claims that this entire ordeal is a political stunt, simply to gain America’s attention.

NBC News Correspondent, Peter Alexander gives information regarding a possible political stunt.


Twitter user, Steve Redmond, critiques Pence for what he did, stating that the football players were simply exercising their rights.

Whether Pence’s protest to the players kneeling was a political stunt or a spur of the moment decision is unknown. Nevertheless, it has sparked many different arguments and opinions throughout the nation.

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