World News Wednsday: #metoo

A new movement swept through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter this week.

The movement started up a few years ago by Tarana Burke (picture below), and due to the surfacing allegations against Harvey Weinstein, it has come to the forefront of social media. There are currently over 40 accusations of varying levels of harassment, 11 of them accusations of sexual assault. Weinstein has personally admitted to 13 of these 40 accusations


The hashtag started to pick up momentum after the actress, Alyssa Milano, tweeted “so might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem” with the #metoo.  Since this tweet, thousands of people have been sharing their personal experiences with sexaul harassment. The tweets range from people offering support to victims to heart wrenching first hand accounts of sexaul assault.

Pictured below is McKayla Maroney, an Olympic athlete, and her statement regarding her experience with sexual assault, which she also shared under the hashtag #metoo


By hiding away the victims of sexual assault, we give rape culture power. It shows that we are afraid of it. Instead of making victims feel ashamed and scared to share what happened to them, we should be encouraging them to come forward and seek justice.

This movement is a huge step in the the removal of the stigma that surrounds speaking out against rape. Something as simple as a hashtag can create a movement that empowers millions of people to step out of the shadows and stand up to the monsters of society





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