My Fave Five: Underrated Horror Movies

Halloween is right around the corner, so what better way to spend it than to watch a scary movie with your friends. There are obviously the classics, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Halloween Series, The Exorcist, and any Stephen King movie, but people want to see more than classics, they want something new to add to the list. Nowadays, most horror and thriller movies are just like the next, and it’s hard to find one that stands out; so here are My Fave Five underrated horror movies that I think are worth adding to your Halloween movie list this year.


1. Hush (2016)- Hush is a blood-pumping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Deaf and mute author, Maddie Young, lives a solitary life in the woods. But what happens when a masked stranger appears at her window, intending to make her a victim? Maddie fights against the man with everything she has, while not being able to contact anyone. This movie is definitely one of my favorites, and I think it’ll be one of yours too.

would you rather movie poster

2. Would You Rather (2012)- In the psychological thriller, Would You Rather, a group of innocent people in dire need of money are invited to a dinner party in order to receive a sum of cash if they win a small game. The main character, Iris, shows up to the party intending to take home money for her brother, who suffers from leukemia. When the guests arrive, they begin to play a game of would you rather, with a twist. Whatever they choose, they must perform, no matter how uncomfortable or deadly it may be. The guests aren’t allowed to leave, and quickly realize that they either must harm themselves, or harm someone else to win. This is a bone chilling movie that I think deserves much more credit than it is given.

eden lake movie poster

3. Eden Lake (2008)- Another terrifyingly good thriller, Eden Lake, is definitely one for Halloween with your friends. The main character, Jenny, and her boyfriend Steve, decide to take a relaxing weekend at a remote lake in the countryside. Things quickly turn sour when they run into a ruthless gang of teens, eager to do anything to ruin Jenny and Steve’s lives. They start out just stealing their car keys and popping their tires, but it quickly escalates to torture. Stuck in the remote woods, Jenny and Steve are unable to call for help, and struggle to escape. This is definitely one that isn’t credited enough for how much work was put into it, and it should definitely end up on your Netflix watch list this year.


4. Cropsey (2009)- “Cropsey” is actually an urban legend from Staten Island, where an escaped mental institution patient with a hook for a hand (or sometimes just holding an axe) would prowl the streets at night and kidnap children. People in Staten Island quickly realized that it was in fact, true. Several children had gone missing in the town, and people began to get suspicious. In 1988, they charged Andre Rand (formally known as Frank Rushan) with the kidnapping and possible murders of the children. The film starts out with focusing on the legend, then segues to Andre Rand’s story. It is especially terrifying just because you know that this isn’t made up, and is actually based on true events.

(Urban Legend information: )


5. Creep (2014)- Creep, another great horror movie, is actually a found-footage horror film, similar to the Blair Witch Project. It’s based on a videographer, Aaron, who posts an ad on Craigslist, and gets a response from a man named Josef. He wants to film some videos for his unborn son, because he is dying of a brain tumor. After acting strangely for the first day they spend filming, Aaron drugs Josef with Benadryl in order to leave, and quickly learns that Josef doesn’t have a brain tumor, a wife, or even a child on the way. Aaron tries to get Josef out of his life, but he just seems to be stuck on Aaron. This film is seriously underrated for how creative and original the plot is.

I hope you enjoyed My Fave Five underrated horror movies, and I hope these movies make it onto your TV screen this Halloween. Are there any underrated horror movies that I didn’t list? Leave them in the comments!




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