Iconic Fashion Through the Decades

From the poodle skirts of the 50s to the leg warmers of the 80s, fashion has changed throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Decades Day was Thursday at Charter Arts and I loved everyone’s outfits (I’m fascinated by everything vintage fashion and makeup). I personally chose to do an outfit based on my favorite era: The 1920s. In honor of Decades Day, let’s go back and review the most iconic fashion looks throughout the years and feature some of my favorite Decade’s Day outfits.


The 20s were when fashion got more individual. Women were less constricted and able to show more skin. It was also the age of the famous Flapper Girls and the silent movie Hollywood actresses. In the 20s, there was an outfit for every time of day. Men and women had specific outfits for every occasion. Makeup for women consisted of thin eyebrows, dark eyeshadow smoked up to the brow, and any shade of red or berry toned lipstick. (Source: Vintage Dancer )


Women’s 1920s fashion Source


Men’s 1920s fashion Source


When you think of the 1950s, you probably think of the movie Grease. However, that movie isn’t the most accurate representation of a real 50s look.  The fashion then was modest and comformed to gender roles. Women were always seen in dresses, with the exception being outdoor events or casual outings. Men weren’t seen wearing colors, sticking to mostly neutrals. The most popular men’s fashion was just a plain suit worn for business affairs and they were never seen without a hat. So no, not every high school boy looked like the spitting image of Danny Zuko. (Source: Fifties Web )


1950s Women’s Fashion 


1950s Men’s Fashion

Photo Sources: here


The 80s were all being expressive and creative. Fashion was unisex and both men and women could be seen sporting the same trends. Hair was big and bold and makeup was colorful. A some trends were Members Only jackets, parachute pants, and Converese Chucks.  (Source: Like Totally 80s )


80s Fashion

Photo Source: here 

Decades Day was a huge success! Here’s some of my favorite looks.

Mercedes Lobb

Regina Ashley

Dylan Vlasak

Rylan Foraker

Lena Redfern

Molly Zimlich

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