Winter Instrumental Concert Review 2018

On Monday, I was very fortunate to be able to see the instrumental department’s winter concert. The show was supposed to be on Friday, December 14th, but was canceled due to the bad weather. Let’s just say that I was absolutely crushed, for I knew that my peers had worked really hard and were ready to put on a fabulous performance. Nevertheless, the students handled themselves professionally and did an amazing job. I am so grateful that I have this platform that allows me to acknowledge our students’ hard work, so without further ado, here is my review of the 2018 winter instrumental concert!

. . . . .

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The evening started off with a wonderful opening speech made by Mrs. Storm. During this speech, she thanked the audience for coming to support the instrumentalists and the alumni for helping them to prep for the show. After that, the concert officially began. The first to perform was the orchestra, which played a set consisting of four pieces. Each piece was unique in its own way and I have to say,  my favorite out of all of them was the second piece which was titled “Angels in the Bleak Midwinter.” What I enjoyed particularly about this composition was how haunting it sounded, while also incorporating the feeling of joy. Overall I thought the orchestra performed very well, but I do wish I could have heard a few more pieces performed by them because I felt like their time on stage was too short.

The next performers were the Percussion Ensemble and their set had to be my favorite out of all of them.  They performed two pieces that were both equally as beautiful but complete opposites of one another. “Rainbows” which was composed by Alice Gomez gave me more of a Latin American vibe and helped me visualize a variety of colors. “Exploration of Time” on the other hand, gave off more of a war vibe and had a lot of boom in it. If there was one thing I didn’t like about this set, it’s that it was too short. I just wish they would have performed more than two songs.

After the Percussion Ensemble finished their performance there was a ten-minute intermission. It was during that break that I took the time to look at how the theatre was decorated. The stage was beautifully decorated with red poinsettia’s, while the walls had projected snowflakes on them. It was a wonderful setup and I think the choice of decorations made the evening all  the more special.

The last part of the concert consisted of performances by the Guitar Ensemble and the Wind Ensemble. The guitarists performed five holidays inspired pieces, and the fact that they were all in sync is absolutely outstanding. As for the wind ensemble, who performed four pieces, the second one titled ” Come, Sweet Death” had to be my favorite. Why? Because its slow tempo helped give off this mysterious vibe and I found that to be intriguing.

Although I didn’t go too far into many of these pieces, I hope this helped you imagine what this concert was like. I had a wonderful night and their music truly made me happy. Instrumentalists, fantastic job on Monday. You’re all so passionate about what you do and our school is so amazing because of the talent that you all bring to the table. Until next time!





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