How to create efficient goals for 2018

January is a month centered around the concept of “starting over.” Many of you, like myself, believe that when a new year rolls around, that means a fresh start. Included in that fresh start is the opportunity to improve in an area of your life, as well as set goals you want to accomplish. Something that I have observed over the years not only with myself but with others, is that more often than not, people will not follow through with their goals.

For a while, it stumped me if people were making goals that they thought would improve their lives, why were they falling through? Well, the answer is simple; the goals that they made weren’t ones that were tangible. In this article, I will be going over the difference between a goal and a resolution, why making goals could make an impact on your life, as well as how to make efficient goals that will be able to be met.

Now, you might be thinking ” why would she want to tell us the difference between a goal and a resolution when they are the exact same thing?” Well, it’s because they aren’t. There are many people who set resolutions not knowing that goals could be more of an efficient choice for them. If you compare resolutions to goals, you will find that resolutions are abstract while goals are more concrete.

Having concrete goals are more efficient because they allow accountability. If you set small goals and give yourself a date of which that task has to be completed, you are more likely to follow through with it. People who set an abstract resolution only have one date that in which it needs to be complete, and that’s by the end of the year. Not having specific dates for when things need to be done by allows slacking, which could lead to you not following through with what you are wanting to accomplish.

When it comes to creating goals, think of what you have accomplished already but would like to go further with. You should also think of areas of your life that need improvement. An example of an abstract resolution that I often hear is about working out more. Great, I am very happy that you want to exercise, but how are you going to maintain your fitness? That is where concrete goals come in.

Perhaps you set a goal of going to the gym at least three times a week. Then you bump it up to five times once you’re comfortable. Each work out session you increase the amount of exercise you do, and soon you begin to see results. Many goals take a lot of motivation, so although you want to push yourself, don’t take on so much to where your plans will fall through.

Many of you also feel as though you must complete every single goal you have by the end of the year, which isn’t always realistic. Your mindset about these goals shouldn’t be that you must achieve every single one of them, but instead that you work hard and get as many done as you can or want to. In order to achieve your goals, you must know who you are as a person, as well as if you have any limitations.

Drive and motivation are also key when it comes to accomplishing goals. If you don’t have any drive or motivation, you aren’t going to get very far. Pushing yourself is a great thing, but you can only push yourself so much. You don’t want to overdo it. That’s why many people don’t follow through with their goals because they brought on more than they could actually handle, so self-awareness is important.

I know that creating goals for yourself can come off as very daunting, but as long as you have the drive and motivation, you should be able to complete them. If you don’t finish all of them don’t fret, you have a long life to live and you will get around to it. I hope this advice helped some of you who were struggling. Until next time!

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