How to Prepare for Winter Ball

Preparing for a big event can be intimidating. There’s the stress of figuring out what to wear, finding a date, and getting ready the day of the event. Since winter ball is coming up, here’s some tips on how to prepare for the big night

1.) Don’t stress about not having a date.

You can still have fun without a date! If you don’t have a date, find a group of friends to go with! Going in a large group can be helpful because you know you’ll have an entourage to help you if something goes wrong.

2.) Find your outfit and matching accessories sooner rather than later.

I recommend going shopping for the perfect outfit a week or two before the dance. That way, you’re not shopping last minute or getting stuck with formal wear you’re unhappy with. If you’re having trouble finding matching accessories, take a photo of your outfit and show salespeople at the different stores. It always pays off to ask for help!

3.) Take care of your skin

Skincare is important! Target your personal problem areas with a face mask, homemade or store bought. Figure out what you need to take care of and plan your skincare accordingly. Here’s a chart to help!


4.) Look for hair/makeup inspiration

Don’t figure out what hairstyle and/or makeup you’d like to do the day of! It pays off to plan ahead and even practice! Some of my formal hairstyles are updos since they’re elegant and classy.


For men, I recommend something sophisticated yet charming, like a messy gel look.


5.) Enjoy yourself

The Winter Ball is a place to have fun! Make sure to dance, smile, and say hi to some friends! Have a good time, you deserve it!

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