Charter Arts Audition Information!

Happy Friday everyone! For today’s article, I thought it would be fun to write about auditioning at Charter Arts. Whether you are an aspiring Charter Arts applicant or are already a student here at our school, we are all very excited that auditions are finally here! For those that are unaware, I will go over how the auditions are run and what exactly a perspective student needs to do before and during the audition process.

The first thing that one should know about auditioning at Charter Arts, is that all of the auditioners and their parents must enter through the Columbia street entrance. There is free parking at ArtsQuest, which is located around the corner from the school. Parents can also pay for metered street parking if they would prefer to park closer.

Upon arrival, students and their family will be escorted to the Commons Cafe where they will be greeted by student helpers and Charter Arts faculty members. An audition time slot will be assigned for each student and parents will be asked to fill out some remaining paperwork. Students are free to bring snacks and drinks and vending machines are also available in the commons cafe.

During the actual audition, parents must remain on the first floor. Student helpers will be available to assist with questions.

Once it’s time to audition, a student helper will bring the perspective student to their artistic area where they will wait to be called in by the instructor. At this point, the nerves may begin to kick in.

Although the audition process is nerve-wracking, the artistic faculty do everything in their power to make it a confotable process for all. So go in with confidence and just try your best; they are looking for potential, not perfection.

Some auditioners will have a few different parts to complete. For example, Literary Arts auditions consist of a thirty-minute free-write and an interview.

After the student is finished, they and their guardian will proceed to the academic review for scheduling. Faculty members will go over course selections, create tentative schedules, including electives, and discuss the placement tests for prerequisite courses. Parents should come prepared with all of the papers that are required for the academic review. To find out what they are, click the link below.

Once the process ends, students can breathe a sigh of relief! What now? Acceptance letters will mailed at the beginning of April! Good luck to all, and happy auditioning!

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One response to “Charter Arts Audition Information!

  1. Great topic! I just had my audition yesterday and I’m glad to see an article about what I did right.


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