Charter Arts Children’s Show Closes

As part of every theatre majors’ senior year, they adapt a children’s book into a play and put up a traveling show for various schools and organizations in the Lehigh Valley. They form a company, voting their fellow students into roles of director, designers, writers, and actors.

This year, the students voted to adapt “The Day The Crayons Came Home,” into a spunky play about treating other people and one’s possessions with respect and love.

This story was written by Drew Daywalt and adapted for the stage by yours truly, Tom Quakenbush and Katie Kunkel. Directed under the wise eye of Helania Coggs and Kelly Goldy-Brown, the show debuted in Charter Art’s own mainstage theatre to an audience of ecstatic children.


Following this, the show packed up and toured throughout the months of December, January and February, providing an opportunity for the senior class to perform and present themselves as a company outside of Charter Arts itself.

The cast and crew did a phenomenal job bringing smiles and joy to young minds across the Valley. Congrats to all involved!

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