Spring Ice Production of Swan Lake Review 2018

When asked if I could review the spring ice show, there wasn’t an ounce of hesitation. I have been watching figure skating on television ever since I was a little and was excited to see what our skating department had to offer. Seeing our figure skaters perform Swan Lake was truly exhilarating!

. . . . .


Kobe Wisner as Prince Siegfried

Act I began at the palace, which was where Prince Siegfried arrived to celebrate his twenty-first birthday. His character is described as very carefree by his mother the queen, who comes to give him his gift of a hunting bow. But that’s not the only reason why she showed up, for the queen also wanted to remind the prince of something very important. In order to become king, her son would have to choose a bride at the kingdom’s upcoming ball. Feeling the immense pressure of this task, Prince Siegfried heads out to the woods with his friend Benno to go hunting.


Suzannah Nolt as The Queen

Once they are in the woods, the prince detaches himself from his friends and goes out on his own. This is where Act II begins. While near the lake, Prince Siegfried sees a flight of swans settling into the water and aims at them with his crossbow. He stops though and retreats his arrow because of seeing the most beautiful swan. The swan introduces herself as Odette, the queen of the swans. Odette also tells Prince Siegfried about sorcerer Rothbart’s curse which turned her and other young maidens into the swans. In order for this curse to be broken, a true love would have to swear his love for her. The prince promises that he will do the swans no harm, and that is where the act ends.


Jiselle Bracero as Odette, The Swan Queen

During the fifteen-minute intermission, I had the chance to reflect on the first two acts and how beautifully it was performed. Some of these figure skaters I had known since my middle school days, so to see them skate for the first time was breathtaking. For example, Kobe Wisner, who played Prince Siegfried, did a variety of axel jumps with ease and made every move seem effortless. I would also love to give a shoutout to Seth Stevralia because of his ability to learn the role of Benno within just a few short hours. This role was meant to be played by Jacob Schlagenhaft, who unfortunately, was unable to attend the performance. Seth stepped up to challenge and pulled off an effortless performance.


Seth Stevralia as Benno

Act III took place back at the palace during the ball. Delegations from around the entire world have brought young princesses with them to be introduced to Prince Siegfried. He cannot seem to get the thoughts of Odette out of his mind, though, making this obligation hard to endure. That is until Von Rothbart and his daughter, Odile, make an appearance. Prince Siegfried mistakes Odile for Odette and confesses his love for her in hopes to break the curse, but realizes what he has done. Rothbart and Odile take the throne and Odette shows up to find the kingdom in its downfall.


Kathleen McCabe as Odile, The Black Swan

The prince rushes after Odette to beg for her forgiveness, but since he betrayed her, she must remain a swan forever. Their only option is to throw themselves into the lake so they can break Rothbart’s curse. When this happens, his curse is destroyed because their love becomes eternal, which sets the rest of the swans free. That everyone is the end of the show.


Acts III and IV had to be my favorite parts of the show, especially because I got to see all of the skaters come together. Kathleen McCabe, who played Odile, did an excellent job at giving a very passionate performance. I’ve known Kat since I was in sixth grade and her technique has improved immensely. The way she worked with Kobe during their scene together created the perfect chemistry; it was truly beautiful. Same goes for Jiselle Bracero, who played Odette. Jiselle skated with such grace and poise, which would make any young girl look up to her.


Corps de Ballet: Freshmen; Niairah Hemingway, Haleigh Moyer, Cheryl Zupko, Sophomores; Dionna Brooks, Jayden Haller, Emily Hamscher, lliana Soto; Juniors: Kaylan Atkinson, Renae Hallowell, Kaylee Levernier; Seniors: Eva Greene, Keller Kontir, Charlotte Reid, and Seth Stevralia.

This show was amazing. All of the skaters are super talented, and their dedication to making this show great definitely showed. Great job to the skaters, Mr. Mullins and Ms. Nolt on a fantastic evening of ballet on ice!. Until next time!

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