2018 National Walkout for Gun Safety


Good evening, Charter Arts students and families. As many of you already know, tomorrow is the National Walk Out for Gun Safety. The newspaper staff felt it was informant to share pertinent information regarding the event, our schools stance on the matter, repercussions of walking out, and alternative options for students who want to participate without actually leaving school.

As part of the #NeverAgain movement, students from Parkland Florida came up with an idea to have a national walkout tomorrow to protest gun violence. This is different than the walkout that was on March 14, because of the setup. Unlike the March 14 walkout, there won’t be a set time that students will leave or return to their buildings. As stated previously, the event is to highlight gun violence in our nation’s schools and communities, and to press our representatives to enact safer gun laws.

Our school’s stance on the national walkout is that students who decide to walk out of the building will have to face repercussions.

If you look inside of your student handbook, you will see that walking out of school is considered to be a level 3 infraction. This means that you will receive a code of conduct referral to the administration, along with consequences that could range from one to five days out of school suspension. With all of that said, if you’re really passionate about this movement, it is your right to participate. Just know that you will have to face consequences for your decision.

To all of the students who are planning to get picked up by a parent, please remember that you will need a note. This note should include who is picking you up and the time.

If you’re someone who wants to participate but doesn’t want to leave school, there will be a station set up in the commons where you can write letters to our representatives. Writing a letter can be just as effective as walking out of the building, and will still allow you to participate in a meaningful way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. You can also speak with the Charter Arts administration team directly. If any of you do decide to walk out tomorrow, please be safe. Until next time!

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