Phasing out Plasics

The conversation on earth conservation has recently gained a new facet: the one-use plastic. Often these plastics are things one wouldn’t consciously be aware of. Think straws, lids, and cotton swabs. This movement is gaining a lot of traction as many are more than willing to cut out small things and the impact on the environment is huge.

On average, Americans use 500 straws daily, an overwhelming amount. There are already some laws and regulations hoping to cut back on plastic waste such as the banning of plastic bags in California, but now there is a new push for a ban of both plastic straws and cotton swabs in England.

Currently, the motion is just being urged by the Prime Minister, but there is no literature backing it. The Queen has also called a summit to discuss the matter, and though she holds no governmental power, she still possesses a lot of social sway.

As the conversation about governmental action to help protect the environment continues, it would be easy to assume that there will be more legislature to try and reduce the damage already done to the planet.

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