Teacher Appreciation Week: Tuesday

The Figure Skating Department

The Figure Skating department is comprised of Director, Mr. Mullins-Schwartz and teacher Ms. Nolt. Both have an astounding resume in figure skating and choreography. Mr. Mullins has been with Charter Arts for the past 3 years, and has grown the department significantly during that time. Ms. Nolt has been an integral member of the team, teaching On-ice Performance and Technique, among other classes. Both teachers have worked in the field for years and truly excel at their craft. The students are very lucky to work with professionals who strive to share their knowledge and technique every day.

“The skating teachers work really hard to make sure the skaters are healthy and happy. They are like our parents and it’s great how much they care about us.” -Jiselle Bracero, sophomore Figure Skating major
“Mrs. Nolt and Mr. Mullins are very patient and ambitious teachers who strive to -make us better skaters with interesting choreography and fun technical exercises.” -Iliana Soto- sophomore, Figure Skating major

Mr. Mullins and Ms. Nolt with several of the underclassmen skaters. – Photo Credit: Kristen Wieder

The English Department

The English Department’s main goals are to encourage the essential skills of analysis, dialectic, and purposeful self-expression in order to help students become empathetic and responsible citizens. The department is run by Mrs. Fowler who has been at Charter Arts for 7 years. She and her colleagues, Mrs. Wilson Kelly, Mr. Madden-Cox, Mrs. Bruck, Ms. Odell, Ms. Knarr, and Mrs. Shriver work very closely to collaborate on curriculum, student needs, and growth opportunities. The English faculty brings a wealth of knowledge of content and pedagogical methods to enhance the learning experience for each student. We are lucky to have such a dedicated group of teachers who not only work hard to make classes interesting, but who truly care about all of their students.

“The English department is extraordinary when it comes to what they do. They are never too busy to help you when you really need it. They don’t back away from challenges and are great mentors to all of us.” – Kayla Bills, Senior Lit Arts major

Special Education Department

The Special Education department is made up of Ms. Thatcher, Ms. Bell, Ms. Heft, and is lead by Ms. Grennan. Even though they were all new to Charter Arts this year, they assimilated into the school within days, and have become valued members of the faculty. They work hard to ensure that all students are reaching their maximum potential through specially designed instructional programs. They not only work one-on-one with the students in their department, they also serve as co-teachers in various core subject areas. We are very lucky to have such dedicated teachers who go above and beyond to help our students become successful individuals.

Ms. Thatcher, Mrs. Heft, and Ms. Bell

“The special education teachers always push us to be the best students, but more importantly, they push us to be better people, and I really appreciate them for that. -Christian “Chicago” Mercado, Freshman Dance Major

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