Teacher Appreciation Week: Wednesday

The Dance Department

The Dance Department’s main goals are to create well-rounded dancers through a variety of rigorous classes such as Ballet, Jazz Technique, Conditioning, Pointe, Dance History, Seminar, Improvisation, and Composition. The Artistic Director of the Dance Department is Ms. Maniscalo, who has served in this position since 2003. Other teachers include Ms. Berry, Mrs. Moyer, Mrs. Hoffman, Ms. Ging, Ms. O’Reilly, and Ms. Weaver. These professionals work hard every day to help their students find out their purpose as dancers. The department wouldn’t be what it is today without them. So thank you all for putting in such time and effort to make sure that our students reach their utmost potential.

“The dance department is very diverse in its style. We have so many people that come from various backgrounds that help to create our unique environment. All of our teachers have a different way of mentoring us, and they allow us to grow into the best people we can become. They’re all very inspiring to me, and they motivate us to never give up.” ~ Emma Carver, Junior Dance Major

The Social Studies Department

The Social Studies Department strives to prepare students to become productive citizens in the world. How do they achieve this? With a lot of commitment, of course! Teachers of this department help students engage in class conversations by creating a safe, nonjudgmental environment. The classes are challenging, yet insightful, and help students expand their knowledge of history and government, allowing them to enter adulthood with ease.

 The Social Studies Department is lead by Mrs. Nesfeder, who is also the teacher for psychology and sociology, as well as an advisor to the student council. Other teachers of the department include Mr. Anderson, Mr. Boyer, Mr. McGovern, and Miss. Vanaman. These teachers work to make sure that our students have enough knowledge of our history and political systems to be informed citizens. Thank you all for educating us on the history of the US and the world.

“Teachers of the Social Studies Department have helped me by keeping me up to date on current events, as well as helping me to create and express my own opinions on the matter.” ~ Amy Mitman, Junior Literary Artist.

Health and Wellness

Mr. Jones is one of the newest teachers at Charter Arts and currently runs the Freshman Seminar courses. He attended East Stroudsburg University for his Phys-Ed degree and enjoys living an active and healthy life. His goal is to spread this knowledge to his students so they too, can adopt a healthy lifestyle. We appreciate all he has done for the freshmen this year, and are excited to see how the health and wellness program continues to grow.

“Mr. Jones is one of the kindest teachers at Charter Arts because of his dedication to his students.” – Jordan Collins, Freshman Literary Arts

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