Teacher Appreciation Week: Friday

The Theatre Department

The Theatre Department at Charter Arts exposes young actors to multiple layers of the art-form. Under the direction of Mrs. Wagner, who has cultivated the program since the inception of our school, the teachers create experiences that are essential to the understanding of theory, practice, and literature. The faculty members in the department, Mrs. Bickert, Mrs. Weller, and Mr. Morris, foster the inherent talents of the students and encourage them to confidently share their creativity with the world. From main-stage to black-box, this group seems to be a force unmatched by many. Our students are so grateful to have such professional and dedicated teachers in their classrooms every day.

“I’ve never known more sincere and kindhearted people than the four amazing teachers that run the Theatre department. It has been a privilege to learn from such amazing people!” ~ Katie Colacito, senior Theatre major

Instrumental and Vocal Music Departments

The Charter Arts Instrumental Music Department is made up of some of the most talented professionals and educators in the field. Under the direction of Mr. Wells, the teachers provide the best possible music education through unique and exciting opportunities. The department is made up of Mrs. Seifert, Mr. Lorenz, Mr. Eicher, Mr. Maher, Mr. Chaban, Ms. Chryst, and Mr. Arnold. These dedicated professionals have performed all over the world with some of the most important figures, ensembles, bands and orchestras. The students in this department flourish under the direction of such talented teachers who support and help each student reach their highest musical potential.

“Every teacher in the instrumental department is truly amazing. They are able to pass their priceless knowledge down to us in a fun and positive way! Without them, the instrumental department would not be as awesome as it is today! ~Elliot Guido, Senior Instrumental Music major


The Vocal Music Department at Charter Arts provides students with a rich experience in musical repertoire. The students learn to read music at an advanced level, as well as understand the historical setting of the pieces they are studying. The faculty is made up of a group of dedicated professionals who help the students to listen analytically and further develop both their critical sense of music and thought. The department is lead by Mr. Macbeth who has committed years to the program and has watched it grow into what it is today. Other faculty members include Mr. Brown, Mr. Chaban, and Mr. Diehl. The students are lucky to have such strong instruction from these dedicated professionals.

“The teachers in the Vocal department push us to be the best we can be, and we truly appreciate them for their dedication.” ~ Gryffin Pedersen, junior vocal major

Director of Media Technology

In addition to his role as the Director of Media Technology, Mr. Righi also teaches Foundations of Audio and Video Production and Broadcast Production. Mr. Righi holds an Associate’s Degree in Radio/TV Production, a certificate in Multimedia Production and holds a BS in Information Technology. He brings a diverse set of skills to the classroom, and the students enjoy learning from somebody who has experience in the field.

“Mr. Righi is one of the smartest people I know. His passion and excitement for audio/video rubs off on all of his students and I always look forward to going to his class. I really appreciate all of the opportunities he has given us and all of the hard work he had done for the school.” ~Kennedy Malsh, senior Theatre major

Production and Design

Mr. Wrenn-Meleck and Mr. Donohue are in charge of designing, building, and bringing the stage to life for our main-stage performances. Mr. Wrenn-Meleck brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our school as he has worked in many nationally known theaters, including fifteen years as Director of Production at People’s Light & Theatre Company. In addition, he was Managing Director of the Pennsylvania Youth Theatre and Production Manager at Hartford Stage Company, Coconut Grove Playhouse and the Hudson Guild Theatre in New York City. Mr. Donohue graduated from Desales University where he received his degree in Theatre and had earned much experience from working backstage on several productions at the Pennsylvania Playhouse. We are lucky to have such professionals working with our students and departments. Thank you for all you do.

“Ryan is a funny guy who’s always there to help. He’s always working on something and helping with our shows” -August Fegley,
senior Theatre major

“Mr. Wrenn-Meleck is a star among the people. He can build anything anywhere. He makes all of our shows look amazing.” ~ Ciara Purcell, senior Theatre Major

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